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Pendulum Bucket Conveyors

Gentle product handling

Whether your materials handling requirements are for segregation or degrada- tion free movement, dust or gas tight handling, HUMBERT & POL pendulum bucket elevators provide every possible solution for the gentle and efficient handling and distribution of your material in bulk. Modular design provides for flexible construction making subsequent modifications to the conveyor layout a simple task.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors for all fields of application

Modern conveyor technology, accurately tailored to your requirements and conveyor standards. We offer efficient belt conveyor systems for virtually all industry requirements, the most varied construction methods, dimensions and drive types, as well as a multitude of additional options and service features.

BIG-BAG Filling and Discharge Stations

BIG BAG handling

Secure filling and discharging of all Big Bag sizes with or without inner liner, for free or poorly flowing, dusty or abrasive products. HUMBERT & POL fill and discharge stations offer individually designed solutions to meet customer specifications, customer-focussed solutions which can be extended to multifaceted components.

Spiral Conveyors

Vertical unit load handling

Continuous material handling up or down. Maximum space saving vertical conveyor technology using a column design for unit loads such as cardboard boxes, trays, bags, drums or similar. This guarantees maximum efficiency with minimal amount of control installation costs. May also be used as storage.

Lifting and Tipping Stations

Tipping, tilting, lifting

Customised lift and tip stations to optimise production cycles. Our lift and tip stations lift and discharge boxes, plastic stackable containers and pallets at any set height. Not only can they for example be suited to the design of the ergonomic workplace, but virtually all bulk materials can also be discharged from different types of containers.

Pendulum Bucket cleaning

Wet or dry cleaning of pendulum elevator buckets

Wet or dry cleaning of pendulum elevator buckets HUMBERT & POL offers an innovative and patented elevator bucket cleaning module with downstream bucket drying or aspiration system, which can be integrated into existing pendulum bucket elevators. Time-consuming manual cleaning according to product and colour changes can therefore be minimised or even dispensed with completely.